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Addiction is a complex disease of the brain and body. Opioid dependence—addiction to prescription painkillers and heroin— is a treatable medical condition caused by changes in the chemistry of the brain.

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Managing alcohol or opioid dependence is not simply a matter of “getting clean” or stopping all drug use. Many long-term medical conditions—not just opioid dependence but those such as high blood pressure and diabetes—are treated with both medication and behavioral therapy. Because these conditions are ongoing, the treatments are as well—that’s why individualized treatment plans including counseling, psychosocial support and behavioral therapy are critical.

Research shows that successful treatment for opioid dependence requires a combination of Suboxone® (buprenorphine/naloxone) medication management along with tailored counseling and intensive psychosocial support—including outpatient individual, group, family counseling and education—to most effectively maximize the probability of long-term abstinence and recovery. Medication-assisted treatment using Suboxone® (buprenorphine/naloxone)— in combination with psychosocial support and Quantum’s dedicated counseling system incorporating proven science, quantum mechanics and spiritual teachings from the major belief systems—is extremely effective in addressing opioid addiction. Healing IS possible.

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We offer:


  • Medication-assisted and non-medication addiction counseling services for individuals of all ages
  • Drug and alcohol assessments provided by counselors who provide diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations, followed by a collaboratively-established treatment and intention plan
  • Clinically-indicated outpatient therapy scheduled with the same therapist
  • Specialized group, individual and family therapy provided for clientele of all ages, with all types of addiction-related mental health and addiction dependency needs
  • Hope Is Dope: Each drug and alcohol addiction client receives psychoeducation and psychosocial support from QRC’s Hope Is Dope program. This provides clients with insight on the neurological processes of brain function during opioid addiction and recovery processes, from which the therapist and client collaboratively establish a working recovery lifestyle plan to facilitate recovery

Contact us on +1.844.582.HOPE (4673) or counseling@quantumrevolution.org to set up an initial consultation and begin your healing today.

NOTE: Most major insurance plans cover a majority of treatment costs and are different depending on your insurance coverage. QRC is continuously expanding its insurance provider list. Please contact our office to learn if your insurance plan is accepted. Supported through major medical insurance companies, Quantum also offers solutions for those without insurance.


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