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Quantum Revolution Counseling, Inc. offers a unique holistic approach to mental health and addiction treatment strategies that contributes directly to increased quality of life and sustainable recovery. With more than a decade of experience in providing mental health, non-medication and medication-assisted addiction counseling services for individuals of all ages, we can help.

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Individual, family and group therapy (for specific populations) are provided for clientele of all ages, and with all type of mental health and addiction needs. Services are provided in a manner that is clinically indicated and individualized for each client (and if appropriate, for each client’s family system as well). All of our counselors are Licensed Professional Counselors or Licensed Clinical Social Workers in the state of Pennsylvania, and all physicians are licensed and certified to practice in the state of Pennsylvania.

Upon your first contact with our Office Manager, you will be warmly greeted and receive assistance in effectively navigating our services to find the counselor(s) that will best meet your needs. If you are in need of a different type of provider or a higher level of care than we would provide, you will be supplied with information of appropriate, alternative services in the community that can better suit your needs.

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All of our services at Quantum Revolution begin with a hope-based foundation of treatment that is individualized to effectively meet the needs of each client, and their family if clinically indicated. We strongly believe that the initial call for mental health or addiction counseling is the extremely difficult and crucial first step in obtaining help regarding very difficult and sensitive life circumstances.

From that first contact, Quantum Revolution will aspire to put your mind at ease and help you find access to empowering, clinically-effective counseling services that will be integrative, utilizing clinically efficacious treatments to assist all clients in finding their infinite possibilities in this life. Each seemingly insurmountable barrier can slowly transform into a steppingstone on your individual pathway toward attaining your treatment goals.

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